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How Business Owners Gain Advantage through Combined Wealth Management and CPA Experience

How Business Owners Gain Advantage through Combined Wealth Management and CPA Experience

| October 01, 2019

Miller, Bales & Company is a financial planning agency led by certified public accountants. How does this model provide an advantage for business owners that want help with boosting how they do business, when it comes to tax and wealth management?

CPAs hold comprehensive knowledge of all things that impact wealth for their clients. Through their accountancy knowledge and experience, they are able to analyze, in detail, a business’s financial structure.

CPAs also specialize in matters of accounting, auditing and taxes, offering a strong understanding of historical and current financial situations. They analyze strengths and weaknesses and identify patterns and opportunities to improve your business. Miller, Bales & Company provides tax advice that complements their financial advice for you and your business.

In addition to their CPA experience, Miller, Bales & Company’s partnership with Cetera Financial Specialists allows you to benefit from sophisticated trading and technology platforms, so you receive high-level knowledge and effective financial planning for your wealth management.

Combining in-depth financial analysis with wealth management and investment advising creates a unique synergy. Miller, Bales & Company is able to look at your current situation and help you best connect your business and financial practices today with your goals for the future. We are focused on providing solutions that make sense for you, your business and your future.

Our goals?

  • Minimize your tax liability
  • Minimize inefficiencies
  • Analyze your entire financial life cycle for optimal results
  • Help you invest for, and work toward, long-term goals

Miller, Bales & Company works with you by keeping an eye on your entire financial life cycle. From tax planning to when you reap the benefits your hard work, Miller, Bales & Company is invested in your future.

We enjoy our relationship with local business such as Columbia Surgical Associates, working together to achieve their financial goals. To learn how Miller, Bales & Company can provide for your financial needs, click here, or call us at (573) 447-1777.