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Wealth Management

We offer a wide variety of wealth management products to meet the needs of our clients at any stage in their investing lives. Whether you have never invested before or are a seasoned market watcher, our advisors will be able to guide you on a path to success with our customized financial strategies unique to you and your goals.

Individual Investors

We offer strategies for those who want to save responsibly for college and retirement.

Seasoned Investors Acknowledgement

We offer customized options for the client looking to diversify and broaden their portfolio.

Retired or Semi-Retired Clients

We offer retirement income options so our clients can continue to enjoy the lifestyle they became accustomed to during their working years.

Small Business Owners

We offer competitive investing and financial consulting opportunities, including 401(k) plans, profit sharing, cash benefit (pension) plans, and all types of IRA products.

Additional Services

  • Group health, dental and disability insurance
  • Employee benefit packages to help you recruit and retain high-quality workers
  • Long-term care insurance

Financial Needs Cornerstone Approach

Accumulation & Wealth Management 

  • Your complex investment needs cannot be met by a one-size-fits-all solution. We work with you through a disciplined approach that combines detailed discovery of your needs and leverages our pioneering open architecture investment platform. The result is a customized investment solution crafted to meet your specific objectives. We strive to make sure your portfolio is diversified and tax efficient.

    Detailed investment plans include:

      • Institutional-quality portfolio strategists charged with rigorous asset allocation models matching your objectives and risk levels
      • A wide choice of implementation options ranging from mutual funds to privately managed accounts
      • A diverse selection of carefully screened investment management firms to aid in security selection
      • Careful personal monitoring and reporting to keep you informed and on target

Lifestyle Preservation 

  • We offer outstanding life and long-term care insurance options for our clients and their businesses. We want to help maintain the lifestyle status and hard-earned savings you’ve accumulated throughout your working years. We offer the flexibility and financial security to ensure you receive the appropriate care as you age, on your terms. At MBC, we create a personalized strategy that can make it easier for you to protect and secure a healthy financial future.
    • Long Term Care Insurance (individual)
      • If you ever suffer from a long-term illness or a chronic condition, LTCI will make sure you have the financial resources to cover additional costs, helping you maintain financial freedom.
    • Life Insurance
      • Life insurance provides financial security for your loved ones when they need it most. With the right planning, you can help ensure your family’s finances are protected if you aren’t there to provide for them. The death benefit from a life insurance policy can help replace income, pay expenses, and help achieve your family’s financial goals after your death. Services include:
        • Mortgage or rent payments
        • College savings for your children
        • Monthly bills, expenses, and childcare costs
        • Auto loans, credit card balances, and bank loans
        • Retirement funding for your surviving spouse
        • Funeral expenses, estate taxes, and final medical expenses

Guaranteed Retirement Income  

  • Planning for retirement isn’t as easy as it used to be. Counting on a company pension, Social Security and Medicare may simply not be enough to cover all of your retirement expenses and protect your financial security. At MBC, we offer the choices and flexibility you need to help build a retirement strategy designed to help secure your financial future. No longer will you be concerned about outliving your assets or obtaining portfolio withdrawals greater than 4%. Our clients can put their trust in our exceptional retirement offerings.

*All guarantees based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.